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Fight Factory is a mixed martial arts school in Louisville, Kentucky. The academy is designed to take members of all backgrounds and instill an unmatched degree of confidence and ability. The multi-discipline approach, utilizing the most well-recognized martial arts in terms of effectiveness and attainability, is considerably more effective than any single-discipline school.  Fight Factory specializes in BJJ, MMA, boxing and kickboxing

Our gym isn't fancy. We don't need a snack bar or tons of branded merchandise to look cool. It's our students that make us great. We've got all the equipment you need to get started on your new journey getting in the best shape of your life, making lifelong friends, and working to get better every day. 


Learn about the various classes that we offer for martial arts and sports combat training.


View a comprehensive list of our classes and hours.


Meet our black belt instructor and rest of the team!

By far the best place to go ever, everyone needs to come here, it's so much fun, fighting, learning, and much more. It is truly by far the best place to go. Everyone is super friendly, nice, and they help you with everthing it feels more like a family. Chris Griffin is by far the best teacher/instructor I've ever had and met. Honestly I can't say enough great things about this place because I absolutely love it and everybody there.” 

—  Richard Cabanas



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